What sizes do the Upholstered Bedheads come in?

Our Adult range bedheads can be made in Double, Queen & King sizes. Children’s Bedheads are available in Single,King Single & Double sizes. Please note measurements of our bedheads will differ depending on the style of the bedhead. All sizes are noted on each individual product page.

If you are after a particular size & it is not available on the page. Please contact us to discuss a custom design.

Are your Bedheads Australian Made ?

All our Upholstered Bedheads , ottomans and soft furnishings are custommade by us . Our head quarters are located in the beautiful spa region of Dayesford in Victora.

What are your Bedheads made from?

We take great pride in the quality & craftsmanship of our beautiful Peoni Home Bedheads. Our Bedheads are made from the highest quality  materials. Using Eco friendly MDF & high quality foam & Dacron. Our Designer fabrics are selected from all over the world from the top Fabric houses,chosen not only  for there amazing design & prints  but also their durability & quality.

What are the sizes of your Bedheads?

Please refer to each individual product description for relevant sizes.

How do you suggest installing my Bedhead ?

For extra comfort & safety we advise that all our Bedheads are installed to the wall,  because of their weight & size. We will provide you with the necessary hardware & instructions to make installation an easy process.

However if you are in a rental property or don’t want to install the Bedhead to the wall . We will be happy to supply  free standing bedhead mounts (bed legs) that can be easily attached to the Bedhead.  Please advise us when ordering.

If your bedroom has carpet you may prefer to leave your Bedhead free standing, with your bed base up against it to hold it in. However this is done at your own risk.  We definately do not suggest this if you have tiles or a wooden floor.

*All Bedheads will automatically come with wall mounted fittings only & instructions on how to wall mount.

If you instead require free standing bedhead legs please advise us when ordering. All Peoni Home bedheads come with easy to understand installation instructions. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

 For further information on installation  please contact info@peonihome.com.au

What is the lead time for Custom made Bedheads & Ottomans?

You can expect to receive your Custom Bed heads & Ottoman orders within 4-6 weeks. However this may change due to the fabric origin & availability of fabric upon placing the order.

If you are in a hurry for a Bedhead, please contact us to discuss what quick turnaround options we may be able to offer you.

Can I alter the design of the Bedheads?

Our Upholstered Bedheads are made to the exact measurements of the styles outlined. However as they are custom made by us we do have the flexibility to alter the design slightly.  Please see considerations that need to address when ordering a Bedhead.

When choosing my Bedhead, what should I take into consideration?

Before confirming your Bedhead .Please check that there is ample space between power points & light switches for the new addition.

Also it is important to take into consideration any skirting boards, if wall mounted the bedhead will mounted on top of this, so allow for this extra height.

Can I change my mind on my design once the Bedhead or ottoman has been ordered?

All custom – made orders are made specifically to your specification. Under the Distance Selling Regulations you do not have the right to cancel after the commencement date, except where the goods are defective or at serious fault.

Can I supply my own fabric?

Yes you can use your own with our designs, please contact us to discuss this option.

Are Fabric Samples available for the Custom Products?

If you wish to view our beautiful fabrics in your home before purchasing your Bedhead or ottoman, we can gladly supply a fabric sample. This will be charged at a small cost of $ 5 for up to 5 - 10 samples. You may contact us at info@peonihome.com.au to arrange for your samples or by clicking on this link.


Can you supply Wallpaper Samples?

If you wish to view a sample of one of the wallpapers in your home before purchasing, we can gladly supply the samples. This will be charged at a small cost of $ 2 per sample for up to 5 samples at a time. You may contact us at info@peonihome.com.au to arrange for your samples.
We strongly suggest you see a sample of your wallpaper before ordering as we do not accept returns for wallpaper, unless the product is faulty.
Please allow up to 2 – 3 weeks to receive your Wallpaper samples from International Suppliers. Wallpapers from Australia you should generally receive these samples within 1 week.
We will advise of lead time upon receiving enquiry & request.

What sizes are your wallpaper rolls?

Generally speaking most Wallpaper rolls come in 10 metre rolls. However this can differ depending on supplier. Please check each individual product page for further information.

What is a design match or pattern repeat?

This indicates the depth, in cm or inches. Wallpaper is printed using cylindrical rollers, with the design attached to the circumference of the cylinder. As a result after each revolution of the printing cylinder that pattern is repeated again. This is the repeat – the design on the final printed wallpaper is repeated each time the roller turns. For example, visually you may see that every now and then on a wall the same flower head appears. This is the pattern repeating. Pattern repeats are often accompanied with a measurement for example 64cm. For instance in this example the distance between the first flowers head & the second will be 64cm. Some designs repeat several times. Please contact us if you have any concerns on the pattern repeats.

What is a pattern match?

To create the best possible look, it is important that where two sheets of wallpaper join the pattern on the roll matches. A pattern match will come as three types of match free match, straight match & off set match.

What is a Straight Match?

A straight match is where the left & right hand edges of the wallpaper strip match in a straight, horizontal line with the left & right edges of the next strip of wallpaper.

What is a Free Match?

A free match is the easiest to hang. It means there is not matching required.

What is an Offset Match?

An offset match is where the right hand edge of the first strip only matches with the left hand side of the next strip when the second wallpaper is dropped by a specific distance.

What is a Half Drop Pattern repeat?

The pattern repeats across the roll half way down the vertical repeat. This means allowing for extra length & cutting very carefully as each cut will start at the half repeat.

Should I check the colour match & is a batch number important?

It is recommended that you check that the batch number on each roll is the same as there may be a slight colour difference in different batches. Check that all colours match roll to roll & edge to edge.

How do I know how much wallpaper to order?

We advise you get a professional wallpaper installer to work out these calculations & a quote for you.
Otherwise you may want to follow the following

To manually calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need, follow the following –

  • Measure the width of your wall & divide this by the width of your selected wallpaper
  • The result will tell you how many drops ( strips ) of wallpaper you will need.
  • Multiply the number of drops by the height of your wall. This will give you the metres required minus the pattern repeat.
  • Multiply your wallpaper pattern repeat by the number of drops needed, minus one.
  • Add this amount to the metres needed without the pattern repeat and you get the final amount of metres for covering your wall.
  • Divide this total amount of metres by the number of metres on a roll to determine the number of rolls needed. Other Tips for Calculating Wallpaper amounts
  • There are many free wallpaper calculators available online to use.
  • Do not skimp on your measurements & always round up to the nearest foot.
  • Buy a little extra .
  • Email us if you need further assistance.

I hope to wallpaper my bathroom; do you suggest a special type of wallpaper?

For bathrooms & kitchens we suggest using Vinyl wallpaper which will resist moisture and are splash proof and are most suitable for bathrooms. If your bathroom is well ventilated than any wallpaper may be used with care. No wallpaper is recommended for use in direct contact with wallpaper, such as to line a shower or around a sink.